Innovation 60%
Business reputation 91%
Calculated risk 70%
Collaboration 99%
Who We Are

Outsourcing, Trading, Representing and Business Connecting company

(Outsourcing & Human Recruitment)
OHR AG is a company represented labor sectors according to the European Union standard. Founded in 2006 in Switzerland, OHR AG Group provides vital services to progressive, forward-thinking business owners to create successful strategies for growth and efficiency in their organizations.



01. TASK/PROJECT Specific task/project description
02. PERFORMANCE Describe expected performance
03. COST/BUDGET of project (is it billed by the hour or per Project?)
04. TIME Clear deadline/due date
05. SKILLS Which skills are required?
06. RESSOURCE Resources required

Why Outsourcing ?

  • You can have flexibility and speed to manage more projects
  • Reduced labor/project costs
  • Your new outsource team working night or weekends
  • The ability for new knowledge base without training employees
  • Time management – free up your time involved with day-to-day implementation and task work

Question befor starting
On what we spend the most time on that is taking you away from your most productive role in the company?
Are you focused on revenue and efficiency-generating activity? If not, what tasks should you outsource to provide yourself with more time for your most effective work?
What do you enjoy doing the most in your organization?
What’s you need? What you’re doing it anyway because of “time” constraints, “budget” or other things?
What do you really dislike doing in your organization or where you lose more of your time?